Waadi Swat is famous for its breathtaking beauty with high-peak snow-capped mountains, gushing streams and awe-inspiring sceneries, tourists of many nationalities would visit Swat to enjoy the picturesque and serene valley, it remained the cradle of the different civilization and a seat of learning throughout ages. 

Traces of Gandhara civilization can be seen throughout the valley where Buddhism left its mark in the form of stupas, mountains, art, coins, pottery and other artifacts. 

Where famous Chinese travelers Heun Song and Fahian visited to earn Buddhist education who witnessed the more than 1400 monasteries situated on the bank of Swat River, the valley was once echoed with ringing of bells at nights spreading a surge of mysterious tranquility among the worshipers. Warriors of fame, Alexander the great and Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi also fought their adventure here. 

Waadi Swat is also famous for its delicious and high standard quality fruits and produces some of the best apples, peaches, plum, cherry, dry fruits, persimmons and strawberries while its off-seasons fruits cater not only national but also international markets.

The magical beauty of Swat Valley is incomplete without referencing its more than 40 lakes, located on high altitude; some of the lakes have mysterious attraction touching one's inner feelings with mental satisfaction. 

Waadi Swat, a rich combination of natural beauty, with Gandhara civilization and its cultural history, is a real paradise for the tourists from across the world, offers a vast variety of hotels with people down to earth, must be explored to accomplish one's inner satisfaction with spiritual depth. Waadi Swat is also Switzerland of Asia.

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