Tourism is a big subject. It is familiar among people with regard to moving form high temperature areas to summer resort  for a few days in order to enjoy the moderate and pleasant climatic conditions of low temperature areas. Those living in backward areas visit big cities and enjoy the hustle and bustle and mechanical life of cities. This too is part of tourism. But the true spirit of tourism is known to members of educated, cultural and civilized societies. These tourists leave for beautiful areas in groups in all seasons to gratify their quest for new places  and people. They familiarize themselves with the overall ways of living of the areas they are visiting such as language, history , cultural heritage, religion, foods, dresses, old relics, fauna and flora. These social, cultural and historical objects offer an irresistible attraction and curiosity for botanists, zoologists, anthropologists and archaeologist. The new places offer opportunities to adventures in the field of hiking,  mountaineering, boating,  riding and trekking.

Tourism has several sub disciplines such as centennial tourism, ecotourism, environment friendly tourism and cultural friendly tourism. There is diversity and multiplicity in tourism. Man wants change and variety. In former times, people ran after vulgar and indecent luxuries. This ugly urge gave birth to Beirut, Cairo and Bangkok. Now people have started going back to the nature. This grand return to nature has its own charms. For tourists, there is perfect peace in the world of nature. People prefer to visit places from interference in one's private life. Visitors like to live for a few days among those who have strong moral values in deep-rooted cultural traditions apart from the natural beauty their lands offer to tourists. A new international thinking has developed which uphold diversity of cultures in the world. This thinking is out to promote variety in culture. There should be different language in the world. These languages have their own potentials and beauties. Tourists can enjoy multifarious aspect of these languages communities 

Tourism is no more confined to the summer season. The winter season has its own attraction such as the phenomenon of snowfall in high altitude areas. Skating and skiing and sliding on snow have every irresistible attraction for visitors. Hot climates have their glories. The spring season has its own joy and every body waits for it, early arrival. The autumn presents yet another aspect of nature when life turns into meditation and introspection. 

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