Nature has endowed the valley of Swat with numerous charms and attractions, the bounties of nature are visible in all forms and manifestations. Tourism has bright prospects as the Valley of Swat Offers positive and pleasant environment, basic facilities and can cater to the needs and demand of healthy adventures. Swat is in no way inferior to Switzerland.  Switzerland may have a strong and well established infrastructure. But with regard to the natural beauty and moderate climatic condition, the valley of Swat has an edge over Switzerland. It has a unique place and status in the northern areas of Pakistan. This valley boasts of several snow capped peaks such as Mankyal 20,000 feet, and Falakser 19,000 feet above sea level. There are countless waterfalls, glaciers, water springs and pastures, streams and rivulets, vast grassy tracts, thick wood, glades and glens, natural parks, lakes and dark forests. These have a strong attraction for visitors.
The people of Swat have a name and fame for their traditional hospitality. They are soft spoken, cultured and well manners, simple minded, kind hearted and considerate. They are people of character, vast sympathies and spend more on guests then they can afford. They have not yet lost their moral values in this materialistic period of human history. They offer selfless services and encouragement to visitors and tourists irrespective of their color, race and religion. They are large hearted and open minded like the large natural landscape of Swat.

The Valley of Swat has all the glories and joys of the beautiful world of nature. The Swat river adds charms to the valley. Clouds, rains, mists and blowing winds bring freshness and joys in all seasons. The cool spring breezes has a unique flavor an charm. The winter are not insufferable. They do not have any negative impact on the human health. Human life has maintain its dignity and honor. Natural drainage keeps the area clean and free from stagnation. After rain, everything and every place looks bright and cleaned. There is no scarcity of water in the valley of Swat. Rather, it has too much of water unlike other places, Swat has unlimited water resources. The Swat river caters for the water requirements of people, farms, fields and orchards.
Nature has been overgenerous in providing inexhaustible water resources, Swat offers the best living condition to all forms of life. Natural life (Wild Life) flourishes with out any threat. It is the abode of rate species of birds and herbs. Snow leopards, Markhore, Peacocks and wild Goats are found in plenty in the snow covered mountains and deep dark forests. Swat is rich in mineral wealth especially the emerald of the best quality.

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