Bishigram Lake

Bashigram Lake is situated to the east of Bashigram valley near Madyan. The road to this valley is partly metalled and can be plied by a four by four or any ordinary vehicle. It takes almost forty to fifty minutes to reach this picturesque valley inhibited by simple and hospitable folk. From here, trekking of four to five hours, depending on professionalism and enthusiasm of the trekkers lands you in the realm of a serene and enchanting lake of Bashigram.

The trail to this lake is itself a unique and memorable experience. On the way to lake, one comes across lush green forests, exotic flowers and crystal clear springs and stream of various natures. The only audible sound which one hears is either the screeching of your jogging shoes or the mermaid like music of the gushing streams and torrent.

The landscapes on the way are so panoramic and spellbinding that you naturally captures forever these extravagant beauties of nature through the eternal eye of your camera. Birds of different kinds and colours welcome you with their sweet and enchanting songs. Scantly populated houses of nomads built on awesome sights and heights are some of the extra food for your vigilant eyes. These villages are lively during the summer season when the nomads arrive here to feed their livestock, which consist of sheep, goats and cows, on the abundant lush green grasslands and pastures. These folks lead a very simple and pure natural life and happily provide assistance and hospitality when required.

As these far-flung lakes are situated in such areas where permanent human living is intimidating and next to impossible, several fairytales are associated with these mesmerizing lakes. People believe that these lakes are the permanent dwellings of fairies who do not tolerate human presence for a long time.

The most famous tale associated with Lake Bashigram is of a golden bowl, which is believed to float over its surface every Friday night. But the most interesting and in a way shocking tale is of a procession of a marriage. Long long ago, would start an elderly person, there was a procession of people who were to take a bride to a village situated to the other side of the mountain in the dark and freezing months of winter.when the procession reached the lake, it was almost dark and they decided to spend the night there as the area was plain and ideal for a night stay. The lake was completely covered with snow and frozen which had turned it to a vast plain ground. Theses innocent people started preparing their evening meal and set a fire a huge pile of logs, as the fire started to blaze, the frozen ice gave way to the intense heat and caved in , which resulted in the death of the doomed procession. All of them drowned in the lake and were perished from the face of the earth, mysteriously.

Strong, jagged and gigantic mountains from three sides surround the lake. Towards the west, the face of the lake is open and the shimmering water of the lake creep silently under the huge rocks, and appears in the form of an attractive foamy waterfall. Huge glaciers, which melt down, feed the lake and remains around it till the end of September. During a fall moon night, the atmosphere and surrounding look so mysterious and hypnotizing that one feels to have landed in an alien world where there is so calm that you can here silence moments of solitude and seclusion, the mystic inside arises and exhorts one to identify and know the Creator of these sublime beauties.

Lake Bashigam is heaven for trekkers and people who love solitude. Here the invigorating and caressing breeze, Colorful and dancing flowers, soft and musical gushing of streams and distant singing of mysterious birds will leave indelible marks on the imagination of sensitive and close observer of a nature which revives and rekindle the spirit long after your have left the area.

Map of Bishigram Lake

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