Charai Madyan Rock Carving

In upper Swat valley, petroglyphs made of granite and facing westhas been discovered by the author near the hamlet of Charai, 2 km short of Madiyan village, on the left bank of the river Swat. The site is situated on the left side of road leading toward Madiyan. This locality is famous for Buddhist archaeological vestiges, like Buddha foot prints, its inscription at Tirat published by S. Konow (Konow 1929: 98-9, pl. 1.5), Khazana Gut graffiti and its inscription mentioned by A. Stein (Stein 1930: 55-56) and later on by G. Tucci (Tucci 1958: 303).The most important aspect of this discovery is that it has not been reported earlier.

The boulder of the petroglyphs is lying in the middle of cultivated fields and inside an apple trees orchard. The boulder is embedded in the ground and is partially destroyed by the land owner recently. The most outstanding is a group of archaic petroglyphs that distinguish them clearly from the historic reliefs. The exposed portion of the boulder reveals a rough outline of two human bodies, both are in standing position. The natural form of man is not portrayed by the artist, however sufficient details are given to recognize the forms as human, it seems that the artist was interested in man’s action rather than in human form. The rough outline of the human body in a rectangular shape with rounded head on top, hands extended sideways, legs are straight down, even though face could not be reproduced in its true form. The artistic details of plate no. 01 if closely observed, disclose theme of hunting, which was the chief means of livelihood of the primitive society.
On the other hand we have got solid body made up in a bi-triangular style, well known in metal from Tepe Hissar dating to third millennium BCE. Such a bi-triangular form of the body is seen in another example in which the hands make a bracket. This style is known in the trans-Pamir region and could be dated to 3rd or 4th millennium BCE. (Samashev 1993: 36). The artistic details of the petroglyphs are not clear due to heavy patina over the rock surface.

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