Ghaligay Buddha Statue and Archaeological Remains

The colossal statue of Buddha lies near the village of Ghaligay some 18km away from Mingawara at the foot of rocky slopes, on the left side of the main road leading to Mardan. The Buddha facing west is situated about 1km from the left bank of the river Swat.

This statue is carved on the live rock of the hillside in the heart of the Swat valley. It is one of the hundreds of monumental stone carving Buddhas that witnessed the glorious past of people of Swat, the ancient Udyana

Unfortunately, this statue sustained some damages caused by the ignorant human hands in the process of touching and scratching which also coupled partially with the weathering effect. However, the lower part of the body is still in good state of preservation. The upper part of the statue is much defaced, and only traces of the head and the halo behind it are visible.

The graceful statue is 04m in height and seems to be enlarged size of a typical Gandahara Buddha. It is carved out of the marble stone cliff; and seated on a high throne in meditation pose. The carved statue with its drapy arranged in string like folds, which cover the body and throne. It corresponds to the late phases of Gandahara sculpture (7th-8th century A.D).

Map direction to Ghaligay Buddha Statue

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