Jarogo Waterfall

Swat is known for its scenic sites and tourist resorts but still there are many spectacular places in the valley from thick majestic forests to mysterious lakes and waterfalls, which are unexplored. Noted among them is Jarogo Waterfall in Chatekal valley of Matta Tehsil, some 55 kilometres from Mingora towards northwest.

Nestled deep in the two gigantic mountains, the waterfall is reached by a snaking stream with thick forests on both sides. It symbolizes the mystic serenity of wild beauty of high mountains and thick forests.A perfect blend of exotic flora and fauna, the place is hidden to the outer world by and large. And whosoever happens to get there is held spellbound by its beauty.
Ironically, very few local residents have heard about it, or have found the opportunity to see it.

This is one of the best waterfalls in the world. Such a big waterfall in this part of the world have never been seen before. Tourists across Pakistan and foreigners should visit this particular place. The water falling down the waterfall covered more than 120 metres area, giving visitors a heavenly experience.

Not only the location of the waterfall but its winding track, mesmerizing flow of crystal clear water and chirping of birds in big pine trees also captivate visitors.

The word Jarogo means broom in Pashto language but its history goes back to the ancient times of the Hindu Shahi period in Swat. There was a Hindu woman, Jarogai, who was widely known and esteemed in the surrounding areas, so the people named it after her.
There are also Meadows above the waterfall on the left side which can be accessed on way leading on right side of the waterfall just on 30 minutes hard track. Its called Jarogo Valley Meadows, a lush green beautiful heaven.

Map Direction For Jarogo Waterfall from Mingora

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