Kharkhari Lake

The pastoral valley of Swat has abundance of precious resorts of nature where one can find solace and respite from the never-ending struggle of life. Kharkhari Lake is one such place here upon which the Maestro of nature has spent extra time and effort to paint.

Kharkhari Lake is situated in the north of Gabral valley. One can easily access it from Kalam via Passing Utror, Gabral, Khu, Chota Jabba and reach Bahandra with jeep or four wheeler. From Bahandra hike trek to Kharkhari Lake start which takes up to 1 to 2 hours from Bahandra. For the adventurous kind, a walk in the romantic valley will unravel several new mysteries. The people who take temporary residency over here during summer plow the open land and harvest potatoes and turnips, which are famous all over the country for its exotic taste. Some locals can guide you and even take your luggage if properly paid. The mountains around this small valley are covered with snow and tall cedar and pine trees and meandered by different streams and torrents. The people are friendly and provide you guidance if required.
The trail to the lake from Bahandra is easy to follow as a huge stream flows down from the lake, which mingles with River Swat in Kalam valley. It goes beside the stream and leads you to the lake. The trail is a joy to walk on but proper care should be taken because one accidental slip can prove fatal. Therefore wearing good qualities shoes with gripping soles must be arranged in advance. The first hour walk is in a narrow valley beside the roaring stream but later the narrowness gives way to wideness and the valley starts expanding till you reach the lake.

Map Direction to Kharkhari Lake from Mingora Swat

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