Mighty 22 Waterfall / Matiltan Waterfall / Ushu Waterfall

Swat valley is famous for its natural beauty around the world. The valley is full of scenetic beauties, lakes, waterfalls, valleys, and archaeological sites. One of these beautiful places is Mighty 22 Waterfall which is also known by Matiltan Waterfall amd Ushu Waterfall. 
Mighty 22 Waterfall /Matiltan Waterfall comes on the way to Mahudand Lake in Matiltan valley at the glaciers, Ushu on the east side. Its about two hour far from Kalam. People enjoy the waterfall while going to Mahudand as it comes unexpected on the way. The waterfall comes just half hour before Mahudand Lake.

Map Direction to Mighty 22 Waterfall / Matiltan Waterfall /Ushu Waterfall Swat 

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