Nemogram Stupa and Monastery

 Nemogram Stupa and Monastery Swat

The Buddhist site of Nemogram is situated about 45 km west of Saidu Sharif and about 22 km from Birkot,on the right bank of Swat river in sub valley of Shamozai. This site was discovered in 1966 and excavated in 1967-68.
The site consists of three main stupas in row from north to south with a courtyard of 56 votive stupas and the adjoining monastery on the west of the main stupas. At the present state of information collected during the excavations, it is difficult to give a definite date to the monuments at Nemogram. Nevertheless,the recovery of a few coins of Kushana period, the site may be dated to the 2nd or 3rd century A.D. Apart from the coins and pottery of Scytho-Parthian period,a large number of stone ,stucco sculptures depict various scenes of Buddhist mythology.These sculptures are on display in Swat museum.

Map direction to Nemogram Shamozai

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