Pari Lake I

Pari Lake (Also called Paristan Lake) is one of the lakes in Swat region which is located at a very high altitude in the foot of the tallest peak in the range with a considerable depth. The name Pari or Khapiro is given to the lake due to the widespread belief that the lake is the abode of fairies where they live and bathe in the cool, pure and clear water of the lake. It is located to North-east of Utror valley and can be accessed only by trekking. Trekking to the lake needs endurance and love for nature as the trail is exasperating as well as dangerous therefore, utmost care should be taken while trekking on the narrow bends and turns leading to the lake. The lake is accessible from both Izmis and Kundol lakes. Two ascending tracks lead to this lake from Kundol and Izmis lakes taking almost five hours to reach this roof top of Swat. The trail is very steep from both sides but the surrounding beauty and eye-cooling green pastures and exotic flowers not only boost the trekker’s stamina but compel him to explore further.
The lake is surrounded by sharp jagged rocks and peaks with scanty grass and flowers growth. Pari Lake I is a small lake which feeds the greater Pari Lake located below it. The lake is triangular in shape and is surrounded by tall mountains with western face opening to the greater Pari Lake. Several white gushing waterfalls from the surrounding peaks and glaciers feed the lake with crystal clear water. The lake remains submerged in glaciers almost all-round the year except in the months of August and September. Pari Lake I is important only in the context that it is the major source of water for the greater Pari Lake. The emerald green water of the lake, the green highlands, the sky-touching mountains and the serene environment around has extraordinary potentials for eco- tourism which can play a vital role in the development and conservation of the lake and the area.

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