Saidgai Lake

Saidgai Lake is situated in the Hindukush chain of mountains, interspersed by several small and large lakes, which runs from the western edges of the Pamir plateau, west of the Karakoram. The mountains have snow-covered tops and are crossed by some minor glaciers. Saidgai Lake is located in the peripheries of Swat and Dir mountain ranges and serves as a huge reservoir of water for Hushirai Khwar (Stream), Dir.

The lake can be accessed through three different trails and sides; Hushirai valley,Dir , Sulatanr,upper Swat and Sakhra lalko,upper Swat. The Lalko, name of village, trail to the lake is the most easy and breathtaking regarding accessibility and natural beauty. A jeepable and unmetlled road ends in the beautiful and exotic valley of lalko where your trekking and hiking chapter starts. From here, continuous trekking for almost seven to eight house lead you to your desired destination. On the way dark green pine, conifer and cedar forests keep you cool and refreshed; and small scurrying streams quenches your unquenchable thirst. On the way you will come across a vast pasture, which is called Gabina jaba (Honey marshes) in the local vernacular. This highland of pastures and grasslands is so exquisite and picturesque regarding natural beauty and generosity that its breathtaking landscapes linger with through out your life. Several streams and torrents like winding snakes of immense length cross these pastures. During April and May. The pastures wear a blanket of countless and innumerable variety of flowers of different shads that tempt different species of rare birds and insects. These buzzing insects and singing birds swarm these huge natural carpets of various colours and shades.
The ascend to the lake is exasperating and laborious but the surroundings are so strikingly beautiful that the sense of exhaustion and aching body never ventures in your way. Everywhere, different landscapes and panoramas will nourish and soothe your tired nerves and bodys.

A spring called lalko cheena (Lalko Spring) lies on the way to Saidgai that provides extra attraction and amusement. The spring is situated at the foot of tall rugged mountains and is famous for it therapeutic effects. Several patients of diverse nature throng the spring to take a bath and immerse themselves in its cool and curing water.

Saidgai Lake is situated at a very high altitude above sea level. The best season to visit and explore the lake is during the months of July to September every year. In the remaining, a thick coat of snow covers the lake and makes it difficult for the observer to differentiate it from the surrounding landscapes.
Saidgai is considered as one of the largest lake in the area and several adventure loving people swarm the area to discover and explore this spectacular jewel of nature. Splendid company and availability of essential trekking paraphernalia quad ruples the delight and enjoyment of this extraordinary journey. Clean and unexploited nature accompanies and welcomes you at every step. The shimmering and sparkling water of the lake, and the circular ripples created by the cool gusts of winds in the lake are some of the precious memories which will soothe and revive your senses in moments of solitude eternally.

Map of Saidgai Lake

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