Swat Tourism Corporation

  • Founded
    May, 2014
  • Address
    Swat, Pakistan-19200
  • Short description
    Swat Tourism Corporation (pvt)
    Exploring the hidden beauties
  • General Information
  • Swat Tourism Corporation is a Tourism company where tourists and visitor can get information about Tourists Spots in Swat i.e. Lakes, Waterfalls, Parks, Picnic Spots, Trout Hatcheries, Archaeological Sites etc. Waadi Swat is also providing information about Hotels with its locations. Tourists can also plan their Tour to Swat with the local tourist facilitators groups.
  • Mission
    Swat Tourism Corporation is tourism company aims to promote tourism in Swat through facilitating tourists/visitor by providing information and facilities.
  • Products

  • 1. Information centre
    a. Help line +92 3129409979
    b. Online facebook.com/swattourismcorporation

    2. Tour tools/equipments
    (cooked/uncooked foods, sticks, boots, glasses, caps, handkerchiefs, casuals, night dresses, rain coats, security whistle, first aid kits, camps, room tents, washroom tents, maps, utensils, blankets/pillows, bags, shoes/socks, fishing and booting)

    3. Human resource services
    a. Tour guides
    b. Adventure Trainers
    c. Videographers
    d. Drivers
    e. Doctors/health experts
    f. Security guards
    g. Laborers
    h. Cooks

    4. Accommodation
    a. Guest houses
    b. Hotels

    5. Transport
    a. Receiving from Daewoo Terminal Swat and General Bus Stand Mingora
    b. Rent a car, carry, bikes, coasters, jeeps, buses, flying coach etc.
    i. With driver
    ii. Without driver
    c. Seats booking/confirmation in public transport to local tourist sites

    and much more

https://www.facebook.com/swattourismco      asimj1990@gmail.com


+92 3139409979
+92 3129409979

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