Valley Swat in Ayans Era

Aryan mentioned Swat River with the name Suvastu and to that effect the land. The mention of Suvastu in Reg-veda testifies the Aryan settlements in this beautiful valley. The Aryan migrations towards eastern Afghanistan and northwest India traced back to 2500 B.C. They were absorbed in consolidating their power in these parts of India and Afghanistan.The Aryans migrated to Swat valley in 14th century B.C after having been ousted by the Iranians.
The Aryans were inclined to natural phenomena in their beliefs. They considered mountains and lakes sacred. Mountains like Elum and lakes like Saidgai, Bisigram and Daraal were respected and praised. The mountains had gotten the status of community centres for tribes and had considered the patron of the tribe, the seat of the ancestor.
Another Aryan tradition concerns with their drinks Soma, an evergreen medicinal plant, mentioned in Reg-veda. It was a religious practice that the Aryans would prepare a special kind of beverage of this plant and then it presented to gods, as offering, through fire. The festival would celebrate at a particular time while singing and dancing. Soma would grow in Swat in abundance, festival would held and the people would use to drink wine or other intoxicating liquors probably extracted from 'rhubarb haoma-zairi-gaono' of Avesta, the soma of the Vedas.

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