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Kotwal Lake, Haramosh valley. 55 Km Far from Gilgit, the road leads to “Sassi Village” where the jeep takes one and half hour to reach “Barchi” (Dassu/Stage) where a trek starts which takes two days to reach “Kutwal Lake”. This is a very beautiful lake located at the bottom of Haramosh peak at an altitude of 9,000 ft. above the sea level. The lake is surrounded by thousands of pine trees.

How can one reach in Kutwal lake from Skardu.

1-From Skardu you have to come back to Sassi from the where the trek to kutwal starts. So its better to start from gilgit as Sassi is just an hour drive from Gilgit.

2-Jeep Goes till a village Dassu. 1 hour jeep ride from Sassi to Dassu . After Dassu its all trekking up to lake.

3-From Dassu to Dassu its a 3 days trek from kutwal lake and return . its all depends how good are you in trekking.

4-You have to take your own tents for the trek there is no accommodation on whole trek. only some small dhabas in bazar of dassu or Iskere.

Kutwal Lake on Google Map

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