Waadi Swat is tourists facilitation company founded in 2014 for the purpose to promote tourism in the valley. As Swat valley is famous for its majestic beauty and historical/archaeological sites and also known as Switzerland of East, Switzerland of Asia and Switzerland of Pakistan. 
In 1990's Swat was one of the most favorite tourists spot for foreigners but after 9/11 incident, militancy in 2015 to 2019 and then flood in 2010 badly affected the tourism industry. Most of people become jobless, foreigners and also local tourists afraid of visiting Swat valley which was once a safe heaven for tourists.
The objective of the Waadi Swat is to restore tourism back to its position and by promoting tourism and show the real face and beauty of the valley. Waadi Swat initially collected information about history of Swat and tourist attractions. Waadi Swat team tried enough to collect the most valuable information about Swat valley which are available on website. In website we embedded data with maps, location, photographs including daily weather forecasting. Tourists can search and know about the Swat valley in just one website.
Waadi Swat Tourists Facilitation Company is providing free information to tourists and also offering different services to facilitate tourists with responsibility in a very nominal cost. Services offered are:
  • Tour Planning
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Outdoor Services
  • Tour guides
  • Photographers
  • Events Arrangement
  • etc
We also aims to provide opportunity to local entrepreneurs who are involved in tourism industry. Tourists can get their services on our website. Any tourist service group can also register their services in our website. 

We have a complete platform for blogging, where we share photographs, videos, vlogs, stories, experiences, articles etc. We also have a space for online tourists shop where people will be able to buy local products online.


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