Clubs/Groups Registration

Waadi Swat is providing opportunity to entrepreneurs in Pakistan as promoting entrepreneurship is one of the objective of Waadi Swat in order to increase employment opportunities.
Waadi Swat will provide the following opportunities to tourists clubs/groups:
  • Introductory Page in Waadi Swat webiste.
  • Events Marketing on Waadi Swat website
  • Record of previous events with photos/stories
  • Upcoming Events
  • Events marketing on Waadi Swat Social Media i.e. Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Facebook page and groups etc
  • Email Campaign
  • Form designing for event seat booking/orders
  • Individual Form in website for Tour Planing
  • Collaborative events arrangements
  • Tour Planing through local expert guides/clubs/groups
  • Personalized email address at Waadi Swat.
  • Authorization in Waadi Swat website for publishing posts
  • and much more


Weather in Waadi Swat