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With its roaring rivers, cascading waterfalls, snow covered peaks, fruit laden orchards and its friendly people, Swat is truly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in northern Pakistan. Saidu Sharif is the capital of Swat and its twin city Mingora is the largest and oldest market town. Madyan, Bahrain, MIiandam, Kalam, Malam Jabba, Marghuzar and Jarogo are some of the other well-known tourist spots.

Swat has a rich historical past. It was described as "Udhyana", The Garden, in ancient Hindu epics and in 327 BC, Alexander the Great combated and won some of his major battles here before crossing over the plains of the five rivers. The famous Gandhara Buddhist civilization later flourished in this valley. The remains of Buddhist stupas, monasteries and settlements can still be found in this region.
Swt is a tourist destination that can be explored and enjoyed in any season. During spring (March-May), the lush green grass carpets the mountains slopes. In summer (June-August), tourist from all over the country flood in to take refuge from the scorching heat in the cool and serene valley of Swat. During fall (October-November), yellow and golden colors fill up the valley complementing the brilliant blue sky. And winter (December-February) is the time to enjoy skiing in Malam Jabba surrounded by pristine snow covered peaks.
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